Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide

Product Description

1. Properties:
Chemical Name: Zinc Oxide
Synonyms: Zinc Oxide Powder, Zinc White, Flowers of Zinc
Molecular Formula: ZnO
Mlolecular Weight: 81.38
Specific Gravity: 5.606(real); 1.2(bulk)
Melting Point: 1976º C
Boiling Point: Sublimation at 1800º C
Heat of Formation: -83.24 Kcal/mol
Free Energy of Formation: -76.08 Kcal/mol
Melting Heat: 4470Kcal/mol
Physical Properties: Yellowish-white or slightly yellow powder

3. Applications: It is most suitable to be used for the manufacture of high grade ceramics, salt-glazed brick, mosaic, porcelain and porcelain enamel ware for sanitation and bath uses. Especially suitable to be used for glaze-making, as flux in glassmaking, also as active agent for rubber production, furthermore, as raw material for the manufacture of black or dark-colored rubber tyre, rubber wire and isolate articales, etc.

4. Packing: In PVC thin-film bag-lined plastic woven bags, net weight 25kg each.

5. Cautions for transportions and storage: Should be stored in a dry place. Don't to let it be rained on and don't get in touch with acid. No presence of acidic vapour in storeroom is allowed.
Type 1Type 2Type 3
High GradeFirst GradeQualified
AppearanceYellowish-white or slightly yellow powder
Zinc Oxide(on dry basis) %≥  99.799.599.098.095.0
PbO(as per Pb) %≤  0.0370.050.15--
CdO(as per Cd) %≤  0.0050.020.04--
CuO(as per Cu) %≤  0.00020.006---
Oxide of Manganese (as per Mn) %≤  0.00030.0005---
Arsenic %≤  -----
Metallic Matters (as per Zn) %≤  --0.008--
Ignition on Decrement %≤
Hydrochloric acid insolubles %≤
Water solubles %≤
Moisture %≤
Residue on sieve 45um (wet sieving) %≤
Residue on sieve 154um(dry sieving) %≤  -----

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