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1. Another name: Sodium thiosulfate
2. Molecular formula: Na2S2O2.5H 2O
3. Molecular weight: 248.17
4. Properties: Monoclinic crystal, Melting point: 40 -45oC, Relative density: ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Alias Name: Saccharin sodium 98.0+ %

Use: It is used in condiment, used in pharmaceutical industry and in determining the time of blood circulation. And it is widely used in ...
Synonym: Sodium fluoroaluminate
Molecular formula: Na3AlF6
Molecular weight: 209.94

1> Properties: It is crystalline white powder. Slightly soluble in water, density 2.95-3, ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Property: Colorless, odorless, tasteless, strongly alkaline.
Solid type: White powder or granules, hygroscopic, readily soluble in water. The aqueous solution may absorb CO2 and ...
Molecular Formula: Na2B4O7.10H2O
Molecular weight: 381.36

Properties: White powder crystal, specific weight 1.69-1.73, hardness 2-2.5. It is soluble in water, in soluble in ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Formular: NA5O10P3
M. W.: 367.86413
CAS No.: 7758-29-4
H. S. No.: 2835.3100
Description: White powder;
Melting point 622º C;
Easily soluble in water;

It has got ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Formula: Na2SO3

Properties: Sodium Sulfite is a reducing agent soluble in water. Its solution in water is basic. It is feeble soluble in liquid chlorine or ammonia.

Usage: It ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Appearance: It has the appearance of a white powder or transparent crystals.

Applications: Due to its PTCR properties, barium titanate is most often found used as a thermistor ...
SYNONYM: Sodium Pyrosulfite
M. W.: 190.10
CAS No.: 7681-57-4
GRADE: Tech. Grade
DESCRIPTION: White or light yellow crystalline powder.

Min. Order: 1 FCL
Chemical name: Dicarboxyl
Product name: Oxalic Acid; Echanediaci Acid
Molecular formula: C2H2O4.2H2O Molecular weight: 126.07

Physiochemical properties: Colorless transparent ...
M. W.: 68
CAS NO.: 141-53-7

Description: A white crystal or crystal powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol but insoluble in aether with its ...
Packing: Galvanized metal pail, Net Wt 200kg

Uses and characteristics:
It is one of most popular plasticizer, it has excellent performance, such as good blending capacity, ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
1. Properties:
Chemical Name: Zinc Oxide
Synonyms: Zinc Oxide Powder, Zinc White, Flowers of Zinc
Molecular Formula: ZnO
Mlolecular Weight: 81.38
Specific Gravity: ...
Description: Amorphous black solid

Applications: Our company manufactures the black carbon series of superior-wear resisance(N200), high-wear resistance(N300), ...
Aluminum Fluoride (AlF3) is mainly used to adjust the molecular ratio in aluminum electrolyzing bath as a flux. The anhydrous AlF 3 supplied by our company can reduce environmental ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
M. W.: 20.21
CAS NO.: 7664-39-3

DESCRIPTION: Hydrofluoric acid is a water solution of hydrogen fluoride, which is colourless, transparent. It has a strong irritant ...
Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3) is white powder, good mobility and high whiteness etc. It also can prevent smoke, anti-drip materials, and no toxic gases, in aqcid or alkaline ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Stearic acid
Chemical Formula: C18H36O2
Molecular Weight: 284.48 amu
Boiling Point: 361º C
Melting Point: 69.6º C
Surface Area of Molecule: 0.205 nm2

Characters ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
1. General Information
Trade Name: Pentaerythritol (Tech)
CAS Number: 115-77-5
Molecular Formula: C5H12O4
Molecular Weight: 136.15
Appearance: White, free flowing powder ...
Name: Carbonyl Diamin
Molecular Formula: CO(NH2)2
Molecular Weight: 60.055
Cas: 108-78-1
Property: Urea is also called carbamide. It is soluble in water and alcohol. ...
Alumina(industry grade) made by slkali-lime sintered, It is white powdered crystal with low assay of Ti, Mn, Zn, Cu, V, Zr, Cr, Li, Pb, B, P, etc. It is used in the production of ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
For N, As, Cr 6+, Hg, Pb, CD, etc. It is calculated for 10.0% Al2O3
The product can be made upon customers′ special request.
A: Fine Calcined Alumina Powder
It is white powder, uniform grain size, low moisture, stalble chemical performance. Used as raw materials for aluminous refractory, ceramic ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Formula: H3BO3

Description: White or colorless, smooth crystals or powder; Soluble in water. Alcohol and glycerin.

Specification: Purity 99.5% min

Uses: It is chemical ...
Properties: White free flowing powder
Uses: CMC was good with thixotropy and pseudoplasticity, so the toothpaste made with our CMC was proper in consistency and shape.
Packing: ...
Alias Name: Glacial Acetic Acid Molecular Formula: C2H4O2

Property: Clear and colorless liquid, with a pungent odor, miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin and aether but not ...
Use: ZnSO4. H2O is white crystal with convergence, and tends to effloresce in dry air, and is soluble in water. In agriculture, it can be used as microelement fertilizer and in ...

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